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Hello everyone,


As you all know by now, it is mandated that we are closed until April 24th. We are not currently rescheduling appointments, due to not knowing if this will be extended again. We encourage you to follow our Instagram (mostly the stories) for updates. We have saved an 'At Home Gel Removal' video to our highlights.  As soon as we can start rescheduling people, we will! Many clients are asking if they can still pay for their missed/cancelled services, which is SO AMAZING. If you wish to do so, just let us know at info@thelacquerlounge.com, and we can charge your card on file. The girls will still get their pay for this.  Let us know if there is a tip amount you would like us to add on for the girls (they receive 100% of their tips), or if you would like to tip them on venmo, you can do so there as well, we just ask that you do not pay for the actual service on venmo, as it is very hard to keep track of business payments on there. You guys are seriously amazing and we are so thankful to have such a supportive clientele. We miss you all so much and CANNOT WAIT to get back to normal! We love you all!

With Love,

The LL team



We are a small, 5 chair boutique salon in the Wedgewood-Houston neighborhood. The Lacquer Lounge team is here to change the nail industry in Nashville. We provide an atmosphere where you can come relax with a cup of coffee or a glass of wine, enjoy some not so ladylike conversation (lol) and have fun while you get your nails done. We take pride in our customer service and the cleanliness of the salon. Known for our nail art, our artists are always up-to-date on the latest trends and continue their training and education. 

We use cutting edge products from various brands such as CND, Gelish, Apres, and more. Our tools are always sanitized to a hospital grade sanitation and our pedicure bowls have disposable liners, so there is never any cross-contamination between clients. 

We have user-friendly online booking, but if you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call or find us on Instagram.


We look forward to meeting you!

Alissa, the owner, is not currently accepting new clients.  Any appointments scheduled on Alissa will be rescheduled with another tech if time is available, if not, your service will be added to our wait list!



Manicures (solid colors)

Classic Manicure $30

Includes nail shaping/trimming, cuticle and prep work, regular polish application, cuticle oil and light hand massage.

Gel Manicure $40

Includes nail shaping/trimming, cuticle and prep work, gel polish application, cuticle oil and light hand massage. This service does not include removal of previous gel, so please book a soak off!

Build in a Bottle $60

Includes nail shaping/trimming, cuticle and prep work, build in a bottle application, gel polish application, cuticle oil and light hand massage. This product is a hard builder gel that does not get removed or soaked off every time. You fill this product every 2-3 weeks. Build in a bottle is removed every 4-6 sets depending on clients nails.

Gel X $70

Includes nail shaping/trimming, cuticle and prep work, gel x application, gel polish application, cuticle oil and light hand massage. This is our extension service. Gel X adds length to the nail, while keeping your nails nice and healthy. It is a soft gel that gets soaked off every time. A lot of our clients start with this product to add length immediately, but then switch to build in a bottle once their natural nail is at the length they would prefer. This service does not include time for removal, so please book a soak off!

Mystery Mani $50 ($60 for all 10 nails)

Don't really know what you want? We'll pick for you! Let our artists have creative freedom on a gel mani with some fun nail art they've been wanting to do! If you would like to have a mystery mani on gel x or build in a bottle, just book however many nails of nail art you would like, and then tell your stylist to do what they want!

Nail Art

Our nail art has been placed into 4 categories to make it easier for you and our stylists! This way we both know how much time is needed for each client. The 4 categories can also be booked per 2, 4, or 10 nails. If you're somewhere in between 4 and 10, we'll probably need the time for 10, but you can always call or email us with questions! Picture examples are in our instagram highlights!

Basic $5 - $15 - ex. dots, line work, cat eye polish, foil, minimal negative space 

Moderate $10 - $25 - ex. geometric, marble, abstract, ombre, loose glitter, stamps, french, chrome, texture, more detailed negative space

Intricate $15 - $40 - ex. characters, faces, themed art, landscape, skyline, mascots

Glam $10 - $40 - ex. gems, cuffs, pressed flowers, confetti, sequins, studs



Structure gel  $5

This is a clear, soft gel that goes underneath the color you choose. It is a little bit thicker and stronger than regular gel polish. This is great for the client that has issues with gel polish chipping or lifting too quickly. If you have extremely weak nails, or long nails, build in a bottle would be a better choice!

Soak Off $5 - $15

This is an add on service for when getting a manicure as well. If you are not wanting to receive a manicure or put a product back on your nails, please refer to soak off and clean up section. When booking a soak off, please make sure you book a removal for the correct service, as it is different timing and pricing for gel, build in a bottle, and gel x.

Soak off and Clean Up

Soak off and Clean up gel/gel x/ build in a bottle $10 - $20

This service includes the removal of a product, light shaping and light buffing only. Finished with cuticle oil.


Classic Pedicure $40

Soak, trim and shape, cuticle work, callous removal, scrub, massage, and polish application.

Gel Pedicure $50

Soak, trim and shape, cuticle work, callous removal, scrub, massage, and gel polish application.

Deluxe $60

For those who want to relax a little longer. The scent changes with the season and holidays. This includes everything in the classic pedi, plus a grittier scrub, a masque, hot towels, and an extended massage.

CBD $65

All the same features as the deluxe, BUT with the added benefits of CBD. Infused with Hemp-derived Cannabis Seed Oil & Organic Virgin Olive Oil to deliver an intense dose of moisture and instantly soothe irritation and calm skin, bringing comfort and relaxation to the senses.

Charcoal Detox $65

All the same features as the deluxe, BUT with the added benefits of charcoal. Made with the Activated Charcoal that draws bacteria, chemicals, and dirt off your skin to combat skin troubles and achieve healthy feet that emit a naturally flawless complexion!

In-N-Out Pedi $30

Soak, trim, shape, light cuticle work, light callous work (NO scrub, NO massage) polish & cuticle oil.




2028 Lindell Ave

Nashville, TN


*upstairs suite (no elevator)




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